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How we work

Our industry is in upheaval: We are ready to take on the challenge this presents – with an ambitious attitude, new working methods and innovative solutions.

Together we are smarter

With our interdisciplinary approach, all team members are involved with their respective fields of expertise, their experiences, strengths, methods and knowledge.

Proactive, enterprising and flexible

Christa Hillebrand is a project manager at the Berlin office. She is a strong advocate for agile working methods at Burckhardt. Here she reports on what it takes to apply them successfully and on her experience in practice.

Opportunities presented by digitalization

Building is a team sport. Collaboration – and the impact we achieve through it – is crucial.

Paul Curschellas, VDC/BIM Manager

Flexible forms of work

BIM facilitates our collaboration

Building Information Modeling, or BIM for short, facilitates networked, collaborative construction planning. The integration of the software spans the entire value-added process of a building and goes far beyond the planning itself. For it to be applied successfully, traditional roles in the planning process have to first be redefined. Architect Filip Coso on the application of BIM at Burckhardt.

My commitment to a high quality of architecture motivates me in every project.

Christoph Jantos, Member of the Basel Site Management

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