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10.01.2023,  News

Opportunities presented by digitalization

Paul Curschellas, VDC/BIM Manager at Burckhardt, reports on his working methods with a view to the future.

Paul, can you describe your role in the team?

In consultation with the client, all project participants and our team, we determine the most suitable approach in each case, in order to bring about the best solution together. BIM and VDC, these two acronyms, trigger massive expectations in the construction industry – and for us, too, at Burckhardt. Digital leadership is part of our strategy. Digitalization is opening up a host of new opportunities! We don’t see innovation as an end in itself, because we are judged by the impact of our solutions. So obviously we endeavour to harness the advantages of digitalization in a very targeted way where it creates added value for our clients and partners.

What is the primary added value of VDC/BIM for planning and management?

Competition is the prerequisite for optimization, and transparency is the basis for competition. With the deployment of BIM and VDC, we are developing internal standards that enable our staff to integrate new tools, workflows and processes. Information-based, three-dimensional visualizations support our planning significantly. This lets us share our knowledge and act transparently. On this basis, targeted decisions can be made more quickly. Which in turn benefits all stakeholders involved in the process.

What does the future hold for VDC/BIM? What is on the horizon?

The goal of our work is not the prototype, but rather the functioning building and its use. The construction industry is traditionally characterized by silo thinking, with each stakeholder acting for themselves. Through VDC/BIM, we lay a valuable, collaborative foundation as a «digital twin» in the team using the model. This is open, i.e. everyone can use it and thus achieve optimum results, which facilitates precise processes and successful architecture.

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