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02.10.2023,  News

The Grosspeter Tower in «Sustainable Buildings»

The recently published book «Sustainable Buildings. Environmental Awareness in Architecture» explores architecturally elegant ways of implementing sustainable solutions. Envisioning the building culture of the future, it presents a selection of outstandingly sustainable architectural projects from all over the world. The Grosspeter Tower in Basel is one of them.

Burckhardt firmly believes that sustainable planning and building is an essential aspect of contemporary architecture. For the Grosspeter Tower, we have turned solar energy into an architectural feature of a new building that shapes the urban landscape around it. Photovoltaic elements integrated into the closed facades of the 78-meter skyscraper cover its basic electricity requirements. This solution is esthetically appealing as well as technically innovative and functional.

Find out more about this elegant skyscraper with its full-scale solar facade here.

Order the book «Sustainable Buildings. Environmental Awareness».