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06.02.2023,  News

Schola aedificia

In focus: School buildings

Schools – and their architecture – make a lasting impression on us. They offer children the space to learn, guide their development, and transmit values. That’s why we at Burckhardt approach this task with particular dedication and commitment.

The notion of the ideal school is in constant flux due to social and pedagogical developments. New teaching and learning concepts are also reflected in the way we think about and plan classrooms and school buildings. The need for supplementary childcare structures and the implementation of inclusive teaching methods are imposing challenging new standards on school buildings. In this regard, schools are always a reflection of their time, and will increasingly need to be designed to help flexibly shape such transformations.

Our design for the Im Isengrind secondary school building in Zurich creates an inviting space for the local community. The new building’s positioning and volumes allow it to integrate with the characteristic surrounding architecture from the 1960s and 1970s. The high-quality and carefully designed timber façade create a tonal and material contrast, as well as accentuating the school’s importance as a central, public building. The ground floor is transparent and emphasizes the sense of openness to the district. Multiple access points connect the building in all directions to the surrounding settlements. Like the Fröschmatt school building, the Im Isengrind school building’s unique floor plan facilitates a wide variety of teaching and learning methods.

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