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08.08.2023,  News

Remarkable buildings with solar technology: The Coop headquarters in the new Hochparterre

With its aesthetic and multi-award-winning solar façade, the Coop headquarters TH12 is one of the projects presented by Hochparterre in the new Solaris #08 issue. In it, five very different conversions and new buildings in the Basel solar region and their use of solar technology are portrayed.

Today, after our transformation in 2021 and the successful core renovation of the high-rise building from the 1970s, the solar façade covers around ten percent of the electricity demand. Find out about the challenges Burckhardt and the client faced in designing the façade and why the project took a long time to complete.

Read Solaris #08 as an e-paper here. Read more about the Coop headquarters on pages 2-5.