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Semi-detached family homes on Statthalterstrasse in Bern-Bümpliz

Sustainable new residential construction in Bern-Bümpliz

Semi-detached family homes in Bern-Bümpliz

A modern development, blended neatly into the surrounding area, is to be erected at the site of building contractor Weiss + Appetito’s former maintenance depot, nestled between Rehhagstrasse and Statthalterstrasse. This project takes a careful approach to urban development, open spaces, and architectural expression. An appropriate urban grain has been adopted to reflect the scale of the surrounding buildings. This project proposal aims to transform the site on Statthalterstrasse into a sustainable settlement of row houses with a modular typology that upholds the character of the district.


Burckhardt Entwicklungen AG

Period of time



Building planning, architecture


Imagine Visuals


Residential accommodation


Bern, Switzerland

Project specifics

Sustainability and construction

The construction project will be realized in a hybrid design. While the ground floor will take the form of a wall structure, the first and top floor will be clad in a vertical timber formwork. Renewable raw materials will be used to minimize gray energy. All family row homes in the development will be connected to a shared heat source. A photovoltaic system integrated into the roof will further improve the sustainability of the buildings.

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Quality of living

The interior and exterior spaces offer a high quality of living. Clearly structured floor plans that lend themselves well to furnishing, bright living rooms and bedrooms, quality materials, and upscale kitchen and bathroom fittings provide a canvas for individualized, modern living. Large windows on the ground floor let in plenty of natural light and offer views of each property’s own garden. The living and dining area on the ground floor feature a movable glass wall system that opens to the garden.

Project plans

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