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New research building on the Telegrafenberg, a heritage-protected site

Alfred Wegener Institute, Potsdam

Two new buildings have been added to the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research, in the superb topographical location of the Albert Einstein Science Park on the heritage-protected Telegrafenberg in Potsdam.


Alfred Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven

Period of time



Building planning


Werner Huthmacher


Research & Education


Berlin, Deutschland

Project specifics

The two new free-standing buildings complement the existing solitary building and are interconnected by a new shared base. With their respectful positioning, they create a new ensemble with the existing building by Prof. Oswald Mathias Ungers.

Restrained façade

The façade exudes calm and restraint, picking up on the colors of the surrounding façades. Parts of the building are embedded in the landscape park and are not evident from the front aspect. Besides advanced laboratories for the preparation of expeditions, the buildings comprise workspaces for the scientists, administrative offices, and a communication center that can be used for the campus, accommodating an auditorium, library and conference area.

Ideal layout

The laboratories are situated in the base story to provide favorable climatic conditions, and the location of the technical facilities directly below the laboratory story is ideal from a supply system perspective. In the three-story buildings, the laboratory floors are arranged in a ring and also house the scientists’ work areas.

Project plans

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