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Competition entry for the former hotel Kurpark

5-star hotel, residence and spa, Engelberg

The hotel, a listed historic building dating back to 1904, is to be expanded with five new buildings. These include an extension to the hotel, a spa and three residences. In 2008, the owners of the Hotel Europäischer Hof launched a competition. The project proposed by Burckhardt was awarded second place.


Han's Europe AG, Engelberg

Period of time





Philippe Cointault Archigraphie, Raumgleiter AG


Tourism & Hospitality


Geneva, Schweiz
Lausanne, Switzerland

Project specifics

The new hotel

The project for the new hotel, a contemporary counterpart to the historic building, forms an ensemble by accentuating its position in the town’s landscaped park. The park and the mountains are reflected in the envelope of glass and polished stainless steel covering the new hotel, forging a strong connection with the landscape. The “crystalline” appearance echoes two aspects of alpine scenery: pure quartz, transparent and precious, and the aura of the mountain, saturated in stark white light, on the snow or through fog.

Interior concept

The interior concept of the spa reflects the rock faces and natural springs, characterized by cascading light, hot steam, rough stone and sparkling water. Its unique architecture not only complements the luxury resort’s hospitality facilities, but also aims to extend its appeal to the whole of Central Switzerland.

The rooms offer the quality and comfort of a five-star hotel, with front-facing bathrooms and sheltered loggias overlooking the surrounding landscape.

The crisp, lustrous exterior contrasts with the interior, which evokes a traditional chalet atmosphere with rich, cozy materials such as wood, copper and amber.

Project plans

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