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16.03.2023,  News

First Prize for the founding building of the new University of Technology Nuremberg (UTN)

The competition for the future central facilities of the newly founded UTN was decided unanimously and our entry emerged from the process as the winning design among the 15 international planning teams.

A particularly convincing feature of the new design was the urban-planning decision to position the two new buildings differently: a head-end building with a strong presence, and a second building structure set back from the first to leave space for other university buildings required in the future.

As the panel of judges noted: «Through the high degree of transparency of the head-end building, the design presents itself as an intermediary between the center of the campus and the public park. The heart of the design is the lowered, centrally located auditorium, a skillful touch in a prominent position that places the focus clearly on the students. This clear, generous and inviting design approach formulates an excellent venue for a new university».

Client: StBA Erlangen-Nuremberg
User: UTN Nuremberg University of Technology (article in German)

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