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01.05.2022,  News

First place in school building competition in Pratteln

Burckhardt’s design for the renovation of the Fröschmatt school complex in Pratteln near Basel was awarded first place in an open, anonymous competition. The new building will facilitate contemporary teaching and learning methods and its carefully designed outdoor space will make it an inviting place for the surrounding neighborhood.

The project design «Lungo» won by merit of its integration in the urban context as well as the architectural and open-space concept. Two buildings will provide the necessary additional space for 36 instead of 27 classes: A six-floor main building accommodates all types of school uses, while the annex in the form of a wooden pavilion in the school garden houses the sports halls.

The main building is defined on the ground floor by a semi-public boulevard for mixing and socializing, which serves as an exhibition, meeting and communication zone that fosters exchange among the students. The schoolrooms and classrooms are located on the four floors above. The top floor houses administration rooms, a media library and rooms for remedial teaching.

The main building in wood-hybrid construction is designed in such a way that a multifunctional and flexible room concept with adaptable classrooms and group rooms can also be realized in the future. Constructed as a row of basic modules, the school building can easily be expanded if more space is needed.

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